Top 10 most Beautiful Sikkim Tourist Places.




Beautiful Sikkim Tourist Places are:-

Sikkim has one of the beautiful places in north india, I can’t describe and visit all, but here are top 10 places i have visited and enjoyed the most!

Tsomgo Lake

sikkim tourist places

Tsomgo lake is one of the famous lakes in Sikkim, it is one of the most visiting places from Sikkim Tourist places. This famous Tsomgo lake is also known as the “Changu Lake”, the water in the lake comes from the melted glacier, so it makes this lake very special and unique!

This Lake is located on 12310 Ft, it is situated at a very high and prime location, that’s why it is the most visited and famous lake in Sikkim tourist places.

What to Expect ?

  • This is one of India’s highest altitude lakes and it’s known for its natural beauty. 
  • The surrounding snow cover hills reflecting on Tsomgo Lake. 
  • The lake is about 1 km long and it’s shaped like an egg.
  • 38 kms from Gangtok 

Time to Visit:- Winter, Summer, and Autumn don’t Visit in Monsoon.

Nathula Pass 

sikkim tourist places

Nathula Pass is one of the most famous passes amongst the trekking enthusiasts when visiting Sikkim tourist places, this Pass is located at 14140 ft. 

Near this Nathula Pass, there is a famous local area known as Sherathang, there are different stores in this area that sell cheap different kinds of Tibetan items. 

This place called Kupup near Nathula Pass is also very famous as it always stays under clouds, and has very huge crowd visiting this place daily, this place is one of the most popular in the list of Sikkim tourist places to visit.

What to expect ? 

  • 56 km east of Gangtok.
  • Local Market 
  • Permit costs 200 Indian Rupees 
  • Lots of trekkers 

Time to visit:-  Winter, Summer and Autumn don’t Visit in Monsoon. It is open from Wednesday to Saturday.

Kanchenjunga Base camp 

sikkim tourist places

Kanchenjunga Base is one of the most famous spots for adventure Enthusiasts, as it is located at the height of 14000 ft, Kanchenjunga base is a part of the beautiful Himalayan range and is beautifully picturesque, this part of the Sikkim is on the beautiful places in the list of Sikkim tourist places.

There are many adventure sports and trekking that take place here, and you can see a clear Himalayan range from the base.

What to expect ?

  • Beautiful Himalayan range 
  • Trekkers 
  • Adventure sports 

Time to visit :- Summers and Winters.

Yumthang Valley Of flowers 

sikkim tourist places

The Yumthang valley of flowers is one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing places in the list of Sikkim tourist places as it is located at 11000 ft, at this height you will see amazing different types and this whole field is so picturesque. 

This place is ideal for spending a day off from the trekking and sports done.

What to expect ?

  • Long field of flowers 
  • 128 km away from Gangtok 
  • Cost 150 for Indians 
  • Will require 5-6 hours to complete the tour.
  • It opens from 6am to 6pm all days of the week.

Time to visit :- Summers and Winters.

Gurudongmar Lake

Gurudongmar lake is one of the lakes which is at hight of 17,800 ft, this lake is filled with Himalayan glacier melted ice, this lake is most peaceful and scenic lakes in Sikkim, it has to be in the list of Sikkim tourist places, as so many tourists come here in summers to take amazing pictures and enjoy the peaceful weather here. 

This is one of the highly suggested places to visit in Sikkim on the Northern side of the Kanchenjunga mountain range.

This lake is very near to the Chinese Tibetan border, so one will have to take permission in form of a permit to visit this lake.

What to expect ?

  • 174 kms away from Gangtok 
  • beautiful lake view

Time to visit:- Summers and Winters.


sikkim tourist places

Goechala is one of the most famous and beautiful places in Sikkim, as it in the list of Sikkim tourist places, this place is 5000m above sea level high, on the beautiful Himalayan mountain range, as this pass is connected to the Himalayan range may trek are attracted to Gochala, as a result, you will find many trekkers visiting this pass as their visit to Sikkim. 

One of the best things about goenchala is that it has beautiful view of Mt. Kanchenjunga’s southeast face. This place is very beautiful and picturesque as the view is so amazingly awesome. 

Many travel companies plan trips and camping on this location and it’s from 10 to 14 days of the camping experience.

What to expect ?

  • This view from the Gochala of Himalayas was featured in 10 Indian Rupees note 
  • Amazing view of Himalayas 
  • People camping 
  • altitude is 16,200 ft
  • Cost for camping starting at 16000 Indian rupees per person 

time to visit :- Summers and Winters.


Signalila is one of the low range mountains, so it is known as an easy to moderate trekking range, many learners or beginners who Start or want to get started with trekking, come to this stop for practicing trekking.

Many travelers come here just to enjoy the view, as Signalila is at 2300 m above sea level, its pretty low as compared to other beautiful places in Sikkim, as it is most visited by tourists for its view, it comes in the list of Sikkim tourist places. 

As you reach the top of the mountain, you will unravel some pure sights of Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga peak, Makalu, and Lhotse Peak.

What to expect ?

  • beautiful view of the Himalayan range 
  • Small local food stalls 
  • Many trekkers 
  • Camping grounds.

Time to visit :- Summers and Winters.

Green Lake

Green lake is one of the unexplored lakes in Sikkim, this beautiful lake is surrounded by the Himalayas and has this amazing blue and greenish watercolor, it looks mesmerizing! 

Green lake is one of the less-visited places in the Sikkim tourist places, this lake serves as a base to those willing to climb Mount Kanchenjunga and Zemu glacier.

There are multiple treks that happen and on every route, this lake has a special place as the camping experience is surreal here! 

Every tourist should visit this beautiful Green lake. 

What to expect ?

  • Many trek enthusiasts 
  • Blue and greenish water color 

Time to visit :- Summers and Winters.

Yume Samdong

sikkim tourist places

Yume Samdong is known as the zero points, as it is located 15 km from Yumthang. A dizzying altitude of 4,724 m, Yumesamdong is also the great periphery of civilization, as no roads lead further than here! The snow-capped boundaries over the valley.

This place shows how mother nature is so beautiful and we must admire it the most! You can see the amazing Himalayas and the range is so beautiful and freezing! Snow has captured the entire place and it will be slippery walking in it! This is one of the places on the list of Sikkim tourist places.

What to expect ?

  • Zero point 
  • beautiful Himalayan range 
  • Snow everywhere 

Teesta River

sikkim tourist places

Teesta river is the main river that flows through Sikkim, which divides this state from West Bengal. Covering a total course of 309 km before meeting the mighty Brahmaputra, the river passes through the cities of Rangpo, Jalpaiguri, and Kalimpong, where the most source of living. 

This river originates from the north of Sikkim which is 7800m above sea level and passes through Sikkim with heavy flow. 

This river is also used by adventure enthusiasts for river rafting and many more adventure activities, so this place has to be on the list of Sikkim tourist places, as it is most famous amongst tourists.

What to expect ?

  • River rafting 
  • Heavy flow of water 
  • Cold and chilly water 

When to visit :- Summers and Winters.

I have given all the places on this map below, which will be useful for you to plan your trip, for more information you can check more on

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