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Best Cruise From Mumbai to Goa 2021

Mumbai to Goa on a cruise!! Who could have imagined? Well in this fast forwarding world where people tend to book a flight to travel Faster, Now there is also a way to where people can book Cruise from Mumbai to Goa to enjoy and relax from the daily hustle and go for a vacation!

What a Smoothing Journey it is when you get away from day to day hustle and go on a vacation on a cruise where you and your family. You will get lots of time to reflect on yourself and Getting more close to your family!

Let me take you Step By Step through the whole process!

There are Multiple Cruises which go to Goa from Mumbai, many go directly to Goa and some go to Goa via kochi and many other via locations to Goa, But in this blog I will cover everything about Mumbai to Goa direct Cruise.

Jalesh Cruise 

Jalesh Cruise is one of the most Luxurious Cruise you should travel on, it has an amazing well-established interior in its rooms and all around the cruise, which will allow you to explore and enjoy the beautiful Dark Blue Arabian Sea, and Most beautiful Sunrise and Sunsets with your family and friends.


The cruise from Mumbai to Goa starts and, it departs at 9:00 am in the morning.


The whole Journey experience is of 3 Nights and 4 Days, traveling along with the lush Konkan coast of India on the Arabian Sea, How Fascinating!


The price on Jalesh Cruise from Mumbai to Goa is 36,400 Rs per Person for 3 Nights and 4 Days.

cruise from mumbai to goa

Facilities on Cruise from Mumbai to Goa :- 

  • It has the Ultimate Children Zone for their Playtime.
  • Show Lounge 
  • Tech Store 
  • Duty-free Shops
  • The Marquee Bar
  • Waterfront restaurants 
  • Shishas, Hookahs, and cigars
  • Private rooms with Ocean Views

Must Explore Facilities :- 

  1. Jalesh Bar 
  2. Shopping centers
  3. Casino Bars, slot tables, and many other table games.

Emergency Help :-

  • 24×7 Medical facilities 
  • Registered Doctors 
  • All-time available Cruise Attendants.
cruise from mumbai to goa

Most Famous Facilities :-

  • Top class Interior designed Rooms 
  • Sea facing multi cuisine restaurants 
  • Swimming Pool at the deck of the cruise 
  • casino and piano bars
  • evening shows
  • Sightseeing Important land marks 
  • Wine and Fine Dining.

What your Travel Bag should look like?

cruise from mumbai to goa

Vacation Clothes:-

Don’t forget you are going on vacation! You must have the right amount of vacation clothes to enjoy and relaxant have comfy travel. Don’t forget to carry your Swimsuits so that you can enjoy your swimming sessions comfortably.

Medication :-

Since you are going to relax a lot it’s very unlikely to fall sick, the cruise has all the medicines and medications required for most emergency situations, but it is good to carry your own medicines if you needed for any past illness emergencies.

Carrying Your shoes :-

Carry very comfortable shoes as there is going to be amazing activities on the cruise, heavy shoes will hurt your feet, its recommended to carry light and comfortable shoes.

One or two pair of Formals :-

There are multiple fine-wine dinners with your loved ones, it essential to have formal dressing to be in the right mood at right time! Have an excellent and fancy dinner with fantastic ocean views.

How to Enjoy the most on this cruise from Mumbai to Goa ?

  • Once you wake up, make a fantastic plan to explore and visit multiple parts of the cruise with your family and friends 
  • Try not to go at the peak time of lunch or dinner as it can be crowded and you might hurt your feet.

  • Chill out with your loved ones in Restaurants and Bars

  • Upper Deck has the Best Oceanic View, Book the Upper deck for the most amazing Views of the Arabian Sea.

So that’s all for it hope you have an amazing journey on the cruise and hope all the information was helpful to you!

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