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1.Sattal Lake 

lakes in nainital

Sattal lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the list of lakes in Nainital, this lake is situated in the center of the fine forest, The name Sattal Lakes Translates “Seven Lakes”, this lake has interconnection with seven other lakes, and has freshwaters. This lake has its own beauty as many Beautiful birds come here, as it is the middle of the forest. 

This lake is very much popular amongst locals and tourists for birdwatching, as every year many migrational birds come here, and tourists love taking pictures of these birds.

This lake is also popular for its fishing amongst locals, tourists can also take place in fishing activities if they have permission from the authorities, Boating and camping activities also happen here.

What to expect ?

  • Beautiful Lake surrounded by forest
  • beautiful migrant birds of different species.
  • Boating 
  • Camping

Timing to Visit ?

  • It is open all days from 6:00 am till 7:30 pm.

Things you might require for your travel:-


lakes in nainital

Sariyatal lake is situated in the outer part of the town of Nainital, this lake is also known as saritatal lake by the locals, this lake has amazing gazing green waters, and it knows for its location, as it is facing the Himalayan mountains, what a view! 

Tourists come here to see the view of this lake, most of them come very early to see the sunrise, and many stays will sunsets, both views are mind-blowing, this is the reason why this lake has to be in the list of lakes in Nainital. 

Next to lake there is a Botanical Garden, which has butterfly park , plant library and much more.

What to expect ?

  • The amazing gazing green water of the lake 
  • Fantastic view of the lake and Himalayan Mountains 
  • Botanical Garden 
  • Butterfly Park 
  • Plant library 

Fees to Visit Botanical Garden ?

Entry to Lake is free, entry to botanical garden is 20rs 


  • The lake is open all day and can visit anytime.
  • Botanical Garden is also open all days but from 10:00 am till 5:pm.

3.KhrupaTal Lake

lakes in nainital

KrupaTal Lake is one of the unexplored lakes in Nainital by many tourists, It is one of a kind lake in Nainital which is at hight 1650 meters above Sea Level, and is surrounded by a green and pine and cedar forests, due to these surroundings lake looks unbelievably beautiful. This green lake should be on the list of lakes in Nainital, as it has the highest sea level amongst all lakes in Nainital.

KrupaTal lake is also very famous for its trekking locations, and also various activities like Boating, Fishing takes place here. 

You can come here to enjoy a peaceful evening with your family or friends.

What to expect ?

  • Lake surrounded by green and pine and cedar forests
  • Boating 
  • Fishing 
  • Lovely Sunrise and Sunset views.


  • It is open all day and you can visit at any time of the day. Activities take place from 12:30pm to 10:00pm.

4.Naukuchiatal Lake

Naukuchiatal Lake is known for its depth, it is 41.1 meters deep and is the deepest lake in the whole Nainital. Naukuchiatal which is also known as “with 9 corners” in the local language, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Nainital. 

The waters of Naukuchiatal is a popular destination for boating, yachting, and padding, and is also frequented by birdwatchers and nature photographers. Here multiple activities take place like Paragliding, boating, and yachting and it is loved by tourists. ‘Escape Festival’ is one of the famous festivals which happens here every year in the month of MAY 

What to expect ?

  • Beautiful Lake with mountain View 
  • Different Beautiful of Migrated Birds 
  • Boating, paragliding, yachting 

Timing to visit ?

  • It is open all day, you can visit it anytime you feel, preferred timings are 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

5.Bhimtal Lake 

lakes in nainital

Bhimtal lake is one of the largest lakes in Nainital and is spread across 48 hectares, which makes it most popular amongst tourists and locals. Bhimtal lake lies in the heart of the small town which is located 22km outside Nainital. 

The lake is named after the figure of lord Bhim, the epic hero from Mahabharata. There are many boat cruises which take you on a tour of the lake, which is the best way to enjoy it! There will be lots of birdwatchers, as many migrated girls come to this lake.

What to expect ?

  • Largest lake in nainital 
  • Boat cruises 
  • Small town around the lake.

Timings to visit ?

  • You can visit this lake all round the year , at any time, it is open all days.

6.Garud Tal 

lakes in nainital

If you love hiking then Garud Tal is the best place for you, this lake location has a very peaceful atmosphere and you will enjoy the hiking here! 

This lake is also known as Pannatal, Garud Tal is one of the seven Freshwater lakes which is connected with each-other with fresh waters, this lake is very quiet and peace full. You can come here to enjoy your evening snacks with your family or your friends. because of its peaceful atmosphere, it has to be on the list of lakes in Nainital.

What to expect?

  • Pleasant weather 
  • Beautiful Sunsets
  • Hiking 

Timings ?

  • You can come here any time of the day, it is open all days.
  • lakes in nainital

Down Below i have give all the Google maps location, so that you can plan your trip accordingly! Safe Travels!

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