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Paradise Beach 

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If you are fond of crystal clear waters and pristine sand then this is the beach for you! This beach is also known as Plage Paradiso. Here there are multiple beach shacks where you can enjoy amazing food and beverages and have a good day at the beach.

Paradise Beach is the most beautiful beach amongst other beaches in Pondicherry, here you can take ferry rides and have an amazing view of the beach and enjoy the sunsets, let me tell you, you are gonna love this view! 

If you are fond of watching sunrises, then this beach is definitely for you! You can totally come there to enjoy the sunrise and enjoy jogging and walking with friends and family.

What to expect ?

  • Beautiful Beach 
  • Ferry rides available 
  • Beach Shacks
  • Lovely Sunrise and Sunsets 
  • Swimming 
  • Beach Volleyball 

Reppo Beach 

beaches in pondicherry

If you are looking to enjoy yourself with your friends and family in peace and with less crowd then this place is for you! You can come here with your loved ones and rejuvenate. You can enjoy lovely quiet evenings watching waves crashing and with an evening snack or drink in your hand!

You can’t miss coming to Ripo Beach as it is so beautiful, as you can sit and watch amazing sailing boats, good talks and quality time spent with loved ones and can enjoy beach activities here. This beach is must come from the list of beaches in Pondicherry.

What to expect ?

  • Beautiful beach 
  • Water activities 
  • Swimming 
  • Boat Rides
  • Beach Shacks 

Rock Beach 

Rock beach is a getaway to lose yourself in the Beautiful Nature, as this beach is so beautiful and is the heart of the city. The surroundings of the beach amaze the tourists as the water of the beach crash with rocks on the beach it is just so satisfying.

This beach is Laos known as Gandhi Beach or Promenade Beach, this beach’s atmosphere is so satisfying and relaxing, as it is in the hear of the city, many locals also come here to spend time with their family and friends. For its perfect lively atmosphere, this beach has to be in the list of beaches in Pondicherry

What to expect ?

  • Lost so rocks on the beach and satisfying water crashing sound.
  • Beautiful sunrise and Sunset 
  • Beach Activities 
  • Boating 

Serenity Beach 

If you want to spend some romantic time with your loved ones then this is the beach for you, you can come here to spend quality and personal time with your loved ones while watching beautiful sunsets. There are many surfers which come here for the getaway as the waves are high here. 

If you are looking for surfing opportunities then serenity beach is the beach for you from the list of beaches in Pondicherry. There are multiple resorts on the beach, so if you are planning a vacation you can try getting bookings in these resorts for the best lazy vacations.

What to expect ?

  • Beautiful Sunrise and Sunset
  • Surfing Activities 
  • Boating 
  • Swimming 
  • Beach Shacks 

Auroville Beach 

beaches in pondicherry

Auroville Beach is also known as Auro Beach, and this beach is known for its sunrise and sunset views, many tourist and locals also come here for swimming , as the water is very shallow and clean.

This beach has volcanic sand which makes it very popular amongst the list of lakes in Pondicherry, many photographers do visit this beach for taking photographs of this beautiful beach. There are many surfers who visit the beach for surfing and many more water sports.

What to expect ?

  • Beautiful sunrise and sunset 
  • Swimming 
  • Volcanic Sand and shells 

Karaikal Beach 

If you are tired of the hectic week and hustle, you can come here to chill out and calm yourself, as this beach lies on the Bay of Bengal, and has a very calm and pleasant atmosphere, which is perfect to calm you down. The Karaikal beach is located on the banks of Arasala River along the wide Beach Road providing proper approachability and convenience for the people. 

This beach very famous amongst water sport adventures, as it offers opportunities for boating, canoeing, kayaking, and outdoor ball games to add to your thrill platter. There is also a Garden on the beach where you can enjoy with your children, or relax with friends and family, this beach gives you lots of options to enjoy, you can surely come here on weekends to relax with friends and family.

What to expect ?

  • High waves 
  • Water sports
  • Garden for children
  • walking path-way 

Down Below we have marked all the locations for you, now you can follow the location to plan your weekend / Vacation. Enjoy !

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