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Chadar Trek

chadar trek

Chadar trek is one of the best and unforgettable treks in the region of Ladakh (Leh), you have to go with your friends to have an amazing time! This trek is 62Kms long and is considered to be Grade- Difficult trek, as the max altitude is 11100 Ft. 

There are multiple packages available on various sites so you can book your trek package from there, the package price range is from 19000 to 25000, and in total this Chadar Trek is 8 days long.

I have provided detailed information about each day of your trip

Day 1- The Reporting Day

chadar trek

Let me tell you! Flight to Ladakh is so picturesque, you will be amazed to see the snow-white mountains from the flight, hence after your flight, you will reach Ladakh airport, you must keep warm clothes with you because it will be very cold in Ladakh, you don’t want to fall sick on the first day! 

Depending on the package of your trip, your trip organizer would have come to pick you up or you will be given a resort to go to. You will have enough time to relax, after relaxing you can also go to visit the Leh market for your last minute shopping, you should also go out for a walk just to get used to the temperature of Leh, as the temperature falls in the evening and keeps falling at night. Keep in mind to keep your body hydrated as it will help your body to maintain the body temperature.

What to expect ?

  • Altitude :- 3,500m/11,400 ft. 
  • The network is available (only post-paid). 
  • ATM is available.  
  • Consumption of alcohol and smoking is strictly prohibited.

Day 2- Habituation Day 

chadar trek

If the trekker is going directly for the trek there are chances the trekker might fall sick or it will harm his/ her health. As per the new regulations it is advised that the person who is going for trek must spend 2 days in Let, just to get used to the temperature and atmosphere. The trip organizers might conduct a site seeing for 3-4 hours just to make you comfortable with the temperature and atmosphere.

What to expect ? 

  • Stay in Hotel 
  • Sightseeing 
  • Visit of any very high altitude place or pass is not advisable.

Day 3- Medical Test day 

chadar trek

This is the D day you guys! You don’t want to mess up on this day! This day decides whether you continue for the trek or not, so it’s getting up early and reaching to health camp because as time passes and by afternoon tourists makes a huge crowd which will result in delaying your test. You can also finish your insurance formalities if you have nay with your trip organizers

What to expect? 

  • Wake up early and get ready for medical tests. 
  • Drive/Walk to the Government Medical camp. 
  • Get your Oxygen and BP reading 
  • Late afternoon insurance formalities

Day 4- Leh to Shingra and trek to Tsomo Paldar 

Your trip starts here! You will be headed to your first campsite which is in Tsomo Paldar trough spending time in Shingra, you can chill here with your friends and clicks most amazing pictures, as the Shingra is on a U bend of Zanskar, from here you can watch amazing views of Ladakh and Gurudwara Pathar Sahib, Magnetic Hill and the confluence of the Zanskar and Indus are some of the places where you can take a pit stop for clicking pictures. 

After driving 3-4 hours alongside Zanskar you will be reaching Shingra Koma, here the car will stop at the end of the road and that’s where your walking starts on Zanskar.

Here the layer of Chadar seems very thin here, from here you will be walking in gumboots at the initial stage you will feel a bit challenging walking in those big boots, but by the time you will get used to it! There is a long way ahead!

You will have to try and learn how to know which ice layer is fragile and which is strong that can take your weight, with the time you will master it. don’t worry! But it’s always better to check the toughness of the ice with your toe tip or with the help of a stick.

It always better to take a backpack, especially in these conditions, you should carry a small and light backpack, which should have a water bottle for sure! And other of your necessary items. After that tough ice walk, you will finally reach Tsomo Paldar. Here the temperatures will be sub-zero so enjoy your first camping experience in this sub-zero temperature.

What to expect?  

  • Altitude 3,500m/11,400ft to 3,200m/10,400 ft. 
  • Drive to Shingra Koma 70 km, 3-4 hrs. 
  • Trek 3km, 2 hrs 
  • Stay in tents. 
  • Drive through Gurudwara Pathar Sahib, Magnetic Hill, and the confluence of the Zanskar and Indus.

Day 5-Tsomo Paldar to Tibb Cave:-

chadar trek

Chadar is not a trek where you won’t gain altitude very quickly, it will be slow and gradual. From Tsomo Paldar to Tibb Cave (6-7 hours), you will be gaining an altitude of 400ft. (Tsomo Paldar: 11,400 to Tibb Cave: 11,800). After waking up from the chilly night camp in Tsomo Paldar, get ready, and have your breakfast, get yourself ready for the trek to Tibb cave, as it will be your next camping site.

What to expect ? 

  • Altitude 3,200m/10,400 to 3,300m/10,800 ft. 
  • Trek 15 km, 6-7 hrs. 
  • Hot Lunch on the way. 
  • Stay in a tent.

Day 6- Tibb Cave to Nerak 

  • chadar trek

From here you will be walking towards the most awaited trek which is near, from here it will be a 13km trek which will take you to the most amazing landmark of Chadar Trek, that is the frozen waterfall !! Yes, you read it right this frozen waterfall is one of the most beautiful and famous amongst trekkers all around the world! Every year many trekkers visit this beautiful frozen waterfall. 

You will be provided hot lunch will be served on the way to Nerak, oh you are going to love this! Here in Nerak, the temperature goes down till -30 degrees that is the coldest during the night, so take proper warm clothes with you, because it’s going to be a chilly night! In case you reach the waterfall on time then don’t visit the near village as you will be staying in 15mins range from the waterfall.

What to expect ? 

  • Altitude 3,300m/10,800 ft to 3,400m/11,100 ft. 
  • Trek 13 km / 6-7 hrs. 
  • Hot Lunch on the way. 
  • Nerak is the first village in the Zanskar region. 
  • Stay in a tent.

Day 7- Nerak to Tibb Cave 

Here in chadar the weather is so unpredictable, and you will be warned by your guide also about it, There are instances where the formation of Chadar no longer exists on your way back from Nerak. In the same way, you will witness a new layer of Chadar formed at some. Even though it’s the same route, you’ll be amazed to see how different it appears while coming back. Chadar trek is one of the most beautiful and thrilling experiences that every trekker should experience! 

What to expect? 

  • Altitude 3,400m/11,100 ft to 3,300m/10,800 ft 
  • Trek 13 km / 5-6 hrs. 
  • Hot Lunch on the way.

Day 8- Tibb Cave to Shingra Koma – drive to Leh

When you wake up to get ready and fresh, it’s not really a  retracing step because as mentioned before, chadar would have changed and might have melted and the layer of chadar might have gotten thin, you will be seeing amazing and beautiful rocks with small clouds on top of them! The whole trip to chadar trek is fantastic and is a trip to remember in your memory lane, from here now you will be taken to Leh via bumpy road ride. 

What to expect? 

  • Altitude 3,300m/10,800ft to 3,200m/10,400 ft. 
  • Trek to Shingra Koma 13 km/ 5-6 hours 
  • Drive to Leh 70 km/ 3-4 hours 
  • Stay in hotel

here i have given google locations down below of the the chadar trek, you can have a look at it and plan your trek properly.

you can check more location information on google.com

Some questions and answers:-

Is chadar Trek dangerous?

It is a bit tricky answer, as it depends on your adaptive nature, This year more than 15 trekkers were hospitalized even before their trek had began due to nausea, vomiting and breathlessness – which are all symptoms of AMS. So it depends on person to person. 

Is chadar Trek for beginners ?

There are few organizations who provide help and training for beginners, but facts say chadar trek is very dangerous and tricky trek, so most experienced treks only come here to trek, as the conditions are very cold and critical.

How do I get to Chadar Trek ?

To get to chadar trek you will have to take flight to Leh and from Leh it is 60-70 Kms to reach Tilad via Chilling, the base camp of the trek.

How long is chadar trek ?

It is approx 105 kms which is 65 miles 

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